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Corporate Governance

Frequent speaker and media interview guest on the topic of Onboarding.  Talks listed below are appropriately customized for the audience.

Talks for college seniors and young professionals:


Learn about:


Tips for receiving meaningful valuable appraisals,  

Establishing your network,

Making effective decisions,

The value of getting an MBA,

How hard work will impact on your success,

Unique personal productivity ideas unique for recent hires

Talks for human resource professionals:

Learn about:
Unusual techniques for effective decision making,
Filling in the career mosaic,
Providing unusually productive appraisals,
Advising about graduate school,
Unconventional approaches to developmental assignments,
Increasing importance of interpersonal skills.

Learn how to:
Refine your personal habits,
Increase your personal productivity,
Giving to build your personal network,
Delegate the right things,
Demand outstanding results,
Step back to get ahead,
Keep balance in your work / personal life.

Talks for general audiences of all ages:

Learn about:
What you don’t know that can hurt you.
Successful on-boarding,
The importance of your attitude,
Unconventional tips for your first six months,
Managing your boss,
An unusual approach to networking.

Recent Talks: